Errol Park is a family home, and is a life-long project of heritage, restoration, and rural enterprise.

Our History

The Hays of Errol occupied the Errol Estate and Carse of Gowrie from the 10th century. It’s fair to say the Estate holds a deeply historic connection within the local community. 

In 1875 the house was rebuilt after a devastating fire destroyed most of it. William Ogilvy was the proprietor at that time. On William’s death he bequeathed the house and Estate to his great friend and third cousin Hamish Heriot Maitland. 

Hamish lived in Portsmouth where he had been serving in the army. He had very little money and no assets. He promptly moved his family from Portsmouth to Errol and since the 1920’s it has been the Heriot Maitland family home. 

The original water tower supplied 104 properties in the area

Jamie Heriot Maitland is the current heir of Errol Park and views his role as custodian. Jamie is the grandson of Hamish. Jamie’s grandparents and parents worked hard to manage and preserve the house and Estate, conscious of the importance of the land and the connection the estate has within the local community and wider area. 

Jamie’s grandmother was responsible for furnishing the house, and she spent much time considering the interiors and the unique design. Most of the fabrics and interiors in the house to this day were chosen by her. The ‘big hoose’, as it is affectionately known, is in remarkably good condition and has changed very little since that time.