Lots of couples enlist the help of a wedding planner to turn their dream day into a reality. For so many the thought of sourcing venues and suppliers, and having to make all the arrangements can quickly escalate into ‘wedding planning overwhelm’.

We get it. There’s so much going on and a million decisions to be made, when really all you want is to enjoy your engagement and the lead up to your big day. Maybe you’re already considering hiring a wedding planner, or you’re curious and want to factor in their top tips to your own holy grail of planning.

Whatever your situation, we have great insights from a few of the industry’s most respected and trusted wedding planners. We asked them to share a few of their top tips, and equally the reasons to choose a wedding planner.

Mercedes Somerville from Scarlett and Bell is one of Scotland’s most favoured wedding planners. We asked Mercedes to share a few of her most valued insights that would benefit couples new to the wedding planning process. As we anticipated she came up trumps. Here’s what she said…

Get clear on how you like to plan.

There are two types of planner, the stickler for detail and the blue sky thinker who revels in the big creative picture. Both necessitate their own communication style and will process information differently. The blue sky thinker will get the best results from wedding suppliers who take time to really understand them, get under their skin and realize their vision and likes, minimising their time demands whilst fully understanding the brief. The stickler for detail needs to engage with suppliers who are prepared to go shoulder-to-shoulder and work together. The selection process is likely to be extensive with frequent and fervent communication as the key driver.

Be crystal clear on your budget and what services you’re paying for.

This may seem like a no-brainer but it’s really important to understand where your money is going and the services it will cover. Often couples assume certain services are included, when they aren’t. Put some thought into areas that might seem a bit ‘grey’ and get clarity before committing.

Do your due diligence – this is a biggy.

Nowadays we’re bombarded with choice and we’ve become a nation of impulse shoppers, particularly if it’s new and shiny and looks exciting. However, that skirt doesn’t actually have pockets, the standing mixer doesn’t come with the pasta maker attachment, or if you’d just waited a week you would have found the Sicilian azure paint rather than crayon box blue. Point being, have patience and talk to at least two or three suppliers, choose the one that gives you the most confidence and peace of mind before signing the contract.

Kimmie Brown from Litu Weddings has almost three decades of wedding planning experience in Scotland, so it’s fair to say she’s earned guru status. We asked Kimmie for her advice on choosing the right wedding planner, and how to know when it’s the right fit. Here’s what she said…

Make a connection

Having someone run along beside you throughout the planning is invaluable, as long as they are the right person. They must be all things – a diplomat, a good listener, methodical, timely, courteous and caring. Diligent in preparation and a good communicator who can be upfront with you and keep close contact with your suppliers.

Lean on us

Every couple is different and a planner will guide them through the minefield of choice with their expert knowledge and experience, remembering it’s the couple’s day. A planner’s place is to put into practice what the couple wants, not what the planner wants.

Save time

So many couples are busy professionals and struggle to find the time to source trusted suppliers. An experienced wedding planner has relationships with quality suppliers who have earned their stripes. This in itself immediately takes away the doubt factor that inevitably runs through all couples’ minds. A planner will get the right team around the couple, to make their wedding the best day of their lives.

We think you’ll agree Mercedes and Kimmie shared a lot of crucial advice and thought provoking inspo to add to your wedding planning pot. Hopefully, it’s provided a springboard to help optimise your budget, infuse a bit of creativity into your big day and make the planning process smoother.

Mercedes Somerville
Scarlett and Bell

Kimmie Brown
Litu Wedings